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The competition for culture funding sometimes resembles a shark pool. After the corona-related emergency funds have run out, we will start to run out of air. And even if the wave carrying the capital of culture to Chemnitz will carry a lot of momentum, we do not want to merely stay afloat, clinging to every passing raft. We want to swim against the current, where it is necessary and swarm out into European waters together with many small fish from the OFF-scene. 

Have we caught you yet?



Donate now to Klub Solitaer's account: ​
Volksbank Chemnitz
IBAN: DE76 8709 6214 0321 0189 80

We can provide you with a contribution receipt for tax purposes. 


Become a funding member!


Send us your individual support offer.

With more than 10 years experience in acquiring funds, Klub Solitaer is accomplished in this field. Thanks to the institutional funding we receive from the city of Chemnitz, we can cover our administrative costs, as well as the upkeep of our studio houses and exhibition spaces. In order to maintain our program and work, and to develop it further, we are grateful for additional support.  ​

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