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Royo & Kreß | Picnic


Period: December 10 - January 14


Vernissage: December 10 | 7 pm 


Opening hours: DO - SA 16-20 h


As part of our project "Urban Corner" we invite you to "cornern" to the exhibition opening Picnic of the artist duo Royo & Kreß in the Galerie Glaskasten.


In their exhibition "Picnic", Rojo & Kreß critically examine the exoticizing narrative: "superfruits", which is entwined around the vitamin- and nutrient-rich berries and fruits. In doing so, the artist:in duo chooses the characteristic features of the fruit as a motif and turns the exhibition space into the location of their weather-independent picnic. Juicy-sweet stereotypes of a healthy life, exotic marketing strategies land here on plates lying on blankets that cover the gentle greenery. Hero:inside stories of healthy superpowers, presented on pedestals, told in the window of the Galerie Glaskasten. Rojo & Kreß develop a total work of art by staging their paintings and installations. They thus conceptualize their superfruits not only as still lifes, but as the main protagonists of a cultural tradition. In doing so, Rojo & Kreß make the positive effect that Superfruits can have on eyesight, for example, their own for their art.


The project Urban Corner is supported by the C3 Chemnitz in the funding program "Urban C" with funds from the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony in the program "Kulturland Sachsen".


Graphics: Rojo & Kreß


The "GALERIE GLASKASTEN" presents exhibitions of visual artists, together with supporting program of readings and concerts.

The entrance of the "GALERIE GLASKASTEN" is located at Jakobstraße 42 | entrance via Zietenstraße, it opens during an exhibition period DO - SA 4 - 8 p.m.


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