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D I G I T A L  L A B 

The lab

The digital lab is an idea hub for common digital and artistic content production. The potential of digital transformation processes for the development of digital cultural formats are exploited here to open up new creative solutions for virtual formats in analogue contexts.


The lab is equipped with photography and video gadgets (camera, lights, tripod, SD-cards, microphones, mixers, cables, adapters) for high-quality sound and picture for streaming and audio formats. Additionally, technical equipment for the development of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Digital Mapping content is in store.  


Decentralized and flexibel, the digital lab offers a wide range of technological tools for digitals artists and creatives, as well as for people who only have restricted access to new media. With the digital lab, we strive to provide new means for digital creation and jointly instigate digital cultural moments in the quarter by jointly experimenting and developing with new technologies. 

The workshops

Testing out high-tech tools and softwares:  in four workshops, we provide artists and creatives with opportunities to experiment with digital technologies under professional supervision. The topics range from modeling AR objects and animating VR sculptures to programming interactive Arduino objects, mapping and video projection. 

21. - 23.10.       Workshop Virtual Reality               by The Constitute

Dec - March    Workshop Artificial Reality            thesystemcollective

05. - 07.11.       Workshop Arduino                         Code Girls

12. - 14.11.       Workshop Projection Mapping     by The Constitute

Further information regarding workshop registration will follow here - SAVE THE DATES


W O R K S H O P    V I R T U A L   R E A L I T Y


Drawing sculptures and figures in digital space by using only headset and controller, editing them on the computer and then staging them in virtual space - in this workshop, creatives, designers and artists gather experience in sketching in Virtual Reality. Computer generated reality is being explored on a practical and artistic level. 

Interested? Then sign up till October the 14nth via with a brief statement regarding your interests/expectations and potential already existing knowledge in the field of VR. 

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