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Gallery for neighborly art exchange


From August 15nth until October 25th 2020 @ Adelsbergstraße 4, Chemnitz


The Private.Collectors.Room was a temporary gallery in which international artist's artworks were traded - unlike in a conventional showroom, free of charge but in exchange for stories, dialogues, encounters, discourses and negotiations between the residents and gallerists.

By concluding a transfer-contract, the purchased work of art was then accompanied to the private quarters, living room and garden shed alike, where it was documented by a professional photographer. The photograph and other documents detailing the gallery exchange were then exhibited in the gallery. As part of the exhibition Gegenwarten | Presences of the city of Chemnitz, the gallery changed continually from an art showroom to a documentary image of the neighborhood, which told the residents' stories and gave people low-threshold access to contemporary art.


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