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An unmanned typewriter sits in the LOKOMOV's window. A webcam streams its image into the world wide web. Suddenly, the machine starts typing, just like that. Or is there more to it? In the project "write against the machine", we find a new method to provide passers-by as well as quarantainees with literary material. 

From the 15nth of February till the 1st of March, three pairs of Chemnitz-based writers commence a dialogue for five days each. Their texts, posted online, are typed out by our typewriter in real time. 

With Gerrard Schueft, Thaer Ayoub, Ria ÜbÜ, Sandra Waschke, Daniel Arnold, Robert Gatzschke and support by Chaostreff Chemnitz

From the 1st of March onwards, the typewriter is open to the public! It can be operated through the LOKOMOV window by smartphone. 

Just scan the QR-Code in the window or enter the WLAN "write against the machine" and start typing away!

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