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The SPÄTI (short for "Spätkauf", German for "late night shop), is more than just a kiosk with long opening hours. It is a place that takes advantage of the low-threshold character of a late-night shop in order to provide people of different backgrounds with opportunities for exchange and participation. On one hand, this is facilitated by the space and its arrangement, and on the other hand by the events hosted here (Frühschoppen, Späti-Café, fleamarkets, micro theatre events etc.). Long opening hours, an assortment of everyday goods and low-threshold access are combined with the idea of an unconventional meeting point, the visitors' diversity fostering co-creation. 

The SPÄTI was created in the context of the DIALOGFELDER 2018 as an artwork by Marie Donike and Johannes Specks. In October 2020, it was reopened by Anna Vogt and Karin Luz and is run by a team of volunteers ever since. 

The SPÄTI is opened every Sunday. Current events and opening hours can be found on Instagram and Facebook

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