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W O R K S H O P   D R E A M S C A P I N G*

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A workshop by Anna Hentschel and Ioana Lupascu

Let's reap ideas while we relax and (day)dream.


Dreams are not just a way for the brain to deal with experiences, but also a great resource for new ideas, strange connections inventions, thoughts and insights. Unfortunately, most of them remain invisible to others. In this workshop, we reap lofty ideas, which manifest themselves before, during and after falling asleep,. By changing them into palpable, visible dream objects, which we bring to the city, they change the common urban narrative of houses, streets, cars, bushes, people and evoke new dreamy connections. 

*Dreamscaping is just like landscaping/Landschaftgestaltung, only much cooler: we shape the city by planting dreams


We are looking for 10 dreamers, who we invite to the kick-off on June 21st to a collective remote sleepover, introducing you to the Dreamscape Academy and showing you, how to reap while doing nothing. For this, we send you an Audio File. 

On June the 24th and 25th, we come to Chemnitz, investigate new dream ideas in Klub Solitaer's garden lab and transform them by day into tangible objects. We swarm through the city and find places for planting, by sowing our dream objects in the city perimeter. In the evenings, we go to sleep with a joint Audio-Outro. 


Intereseted? Then send us an Email to thedreamscapeacademy@gmail.com till June the 17nth, including your (chosen) name and a small drawing of three symbols, which describe you or show things, that are important to you.  


As we come from different countries, the workshop will be in English. 



Workshopdescription in English


21.06. | 30 min | Workshopintro via audio file (remote)

24.06 & 25.06. | Opening Hours of the Dream Lab 11:00-18:00 | 3h Workshop-Slots per participant (live)

Dreamscaping WorkshopIntroduction
00:00 / 02:28

W O R K S H O P   D R E A M S C A P I N G*

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Funded by the Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien.