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Lysann Nemeth

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Irini Mavromatidou studied graphic and communication design at the University of Applied Sciences in Bielefeld under Prof. Jochen Geilen, among others, but felt at home in the visual arts from an early age on. Mavromatidou describes the initial spark for her working method as a happy coincidence. "I still remember how I created a painting of which I was absolutely convinced. Unfortunately, however, I later discovered that the paper had two tiny holes (a mistake). I showed it to my professor with consternation, and what he said made me rethink my approach to art."

Geilen thought that this mistake was the key and advised her to use it productively. Subsequently, Mavromatidou experimented. "By collaging, I corrected a supposed mistake and thus discovered trial and error as my fundamental way of working."

From then on, the artist, could no longer be reduced to one genre, but used a variety of techniques and materials. Printmaking, painting, collage, cuts, canvas, cardboard, wood, and time and again the alteration or further processing of found objects, accompanied by the collections of material and an extensive research process, make Mavromatidou's work multi-layered and multifaceted - black, white, grey and colourful!

"Somehow, in the end, I always concern myself with existence - both socially and in terms of self-realization as an artist."

Since 2014, Mavromatidou has had her studio in Augustusburger Straße 102. She is a regular guest of Anatoli Budjko's in the GLASKASTEN DRUCKSTOCK, among others. 

You can read more about Irini's work at
our Insta-Highlight :#KlubKomplizen

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