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Manuela Hain 

#pottery #ceramics

GR thumbnail PORTRAIT.jpg a Chemnitz-native.
As trained ceramicist, she has lead a long and active life. What began as an apprenticeship continued in a change of workplaces. Lausitz, Leipzig, several years in France and Portugal, farm life in Thuringia and finally the return to friends and family to Chemnitz, to Jakobstraße 42.

"The handling of natural materials and elementary design techniques is very healing for me. I would like to offer to bring this space of experience and the joy of creativity to other people as well".

Since 2016, she has been working for this purpose, among others, with the "State Museum for Archaeology" (smac), gives pottery courses for the generation 40+ or sensitizes primary school children to work with the ochre-coloured raw material. Her focus is on perception and deceleration, which is particularly effective in additional therapeutic offers.

Manuela Hain plans to complete her first own collection in 2020. Her repertoire also includes the production of backdrops and puppets for theatre plays as well as her own productions, model making, commissioned work and cross-thematic artistic participation.

With socio-political and experiential educational workshops she is active at festivals in Chemnitz and the surrounding area.

Why not visit her in one of her courses* or find your way to the local archaeological museum:

Hain Ur - Keramik
Hain ManmaR / Puppentheater
Kursangebot Smac
Kursangebot VHS


*Alle Angebote dürfen als Vorschläge betrachtet werden. Ablauf, Dauer und Inhalt der Veranstaltungen sind variabel und können nach Wünschen und Bedürfnissen angepasst werden.

Film & Editing: Peter Rossner //// Music: Kokoro

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