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The laboratory

Part of our project and studio house in Jakobstraße 42 is a photo lab, which offers the facilities and technical conditions for black and white photo development. The equipment of the photo lab goes back to the takeover of the photo workshop of the internationally known photographer Michael Schmidt (Berlin). On approx. 60 square meters the photo lab has a darkroom with exposers and equipment for developing films and photographs, a small working area and a room for pre- and post-processing of paper. Thanks to the equipment, photo development is possible in almost all formats.

The equipment includes:


  • enlarger FOCOMAT V 35 Autofocus (Leitz), with various lenses

  • enlarger FOCOMAT II a with automatic focusing for negative formats up to 6.5 x 9 cm (Leitz), with various lenses

  • enlarger LABORATOR 138 S (Durst), with various lenses

  • enlarger KROKUS Color 69 S (Warszawa)

  • various print washers also for large formats

  • vacuum press (Sallmetall) 

  • cutting machines for various paper sizes up to large format

  • drying cabinets for paper and film rolls

  • various photo papers, mainly for black and white photography (more info on request)

  • chemicals and developing trays

Use of the photo lab

The photo lab can be used for your own projects for a fee of €10 per day (plus materials and taxes). For inquiries and further information, please contact The offer is complemented by an in-house photo studio and our digital lab.

Workshop offers


Here we inform about current workshops and courses in the photo lab for photographers or interested people who want to get an insight into analog techniques of photography and photo development and become creatively active themselves. If you would like to offer a course or workshop at our photo lab, please contact us.


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Saturday, 19.11. and Sunday, 20.11.2022

Cyanotype Workshop "Reflections"


On Saturday we will meet for a photo tour through Sonnenberg: with our own phone or a digital camera (equipment is also available) we will go on a discovery tour in the streets of Chemnitz. The main focus is on photographing interesting motifs and not on the perfect photo or camera technique. We will deal with the topic of reflections and will e.g. create water surfaces with the help of water bottles and photograph these "mirror images".


We will spend Sunday in the photo lab, where we develop our photos as cyanotypes (blue prints). To do this, we make our own solar photographic paper, expose it to the sun or UV light, and then rinse it. This is how our art works in the so-called "Berlin blue" are created.


Course instructors:

Frank Krüger, photographer

Catharina Neubert, art therapist


Saturday, 19.11.2022 11:00 - 14:00 Uhr

Sunday, 20.11.2022 11:00 - 14:00 Uhr


For participants 13 years and older. Participation is free of charge.


Registration is via:


Saturday, 26.11 and Sunday, 27.11.2022

Workshop analog photography (in cooperation mit Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz)


How did your parents and grandparents take pictures in the past? Under professional guidance, you will learn the basics of analog photography in a two-day workshop. Equipped with inspiration from the exhibition "Between avant-garde and repression. Czech Photography 1948 - 1968" of the Kunstsammlungen am Theaterplatz and an analog camera, you will be able to capture the best motifs during a joint photo tour through Chemnitz. You will then develop the filled films with the photographer in the photo lab of Klub Solitaer e.V.. If you have a working analog camera at home, feel free to bring it along. 

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