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HOW TO ... anniversary adventure


For our 10th anniversary, we designed a small anniversary game to celebrate together despite the pandemic.


The guests moved through a virtual world, which simulated the rooms of the LOKOMOV and the adjacent outdoor area.

Find out how it worked in the following. 



How to ... 1.jpg



In the game there are so-called event fields. Those contain interactive game elements that you can discover and explore.


1. Whenever you move over such fields, a gray area appears on the right side of the screen.  (Picture 1)


2. That area opens an embedded website. (Picture 2)


3. On this website (iFrame) you can control and operate elements with the mouse, e.g. to play a video. (Or to remove adds beforehand). 


4. When you are ready for the next event, simply use the arrow keys to move away from your current position.


5. Our tip:

To get started, take a seat near the bar and play a game of Solitair!

How to ...jpg

scroll on!

How to ...4.jpg



1. Whenever you meet another person in the game, a white circle appears around you. You are now within the contact radius. (Picture 3)

2. This causes you to communicate with each other via microphone and camera (via Jitsi meet).


3. Thus, up to four people can communicate at the same time. Meaning: You can also explore the game world together!


4. Our tip: There are a total of 15 events on the map.

Can you manage to discover them all?



This virtual world became reality thanks to the support of Chaostreff Chemnitz .

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