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The Project

The euro-pallet, a European standardized size, becomes the carrier of something unconventional: contemporary art from two  geographically opposed European regions. 

We send two Euro-Boxes to curators and OFF-Spaces in Eastern and Western Europe, where they are packed with artistic positions. In our exhibition spaces, we curate the received works in a joint exhibition. 

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The topic of this artistic exchange is the gallery backroom. We want to open up a room for the backroom conversations of European curators, to find out, which perspectives and experiences reach us on this topic and which associations are triggered by the exhibition in our rooms. 

Events such as journey-tracking, art-unboxing and a vernissage with a robotic double complete the pan-European artist talk. 

The Partners

For our first exhibition, we have started a cooperation with the IP Group and the curator Marie Claire Krell. 


IP Group works in the interdisciplinary context between art and theory , performing arts and multimedia works, creative processes and laboratory practices. 

MC Krell is a curator and project initiator in the contemporary arts field. Among others, she was active in the tri-national network very contemporary and various initiatives, works as an artist and realizes educational formats. 

The Artists

Charlotte Lagro

Eleni Kamma

Evamaria Schaller

Giulio Squillacciotti

Johanna Roderburg

Joséphine Kaeppelin

Sanne Vaassen

Sophie Langohr

Susanne Krell

Vera Gulikers

Jakub Lech

Ania Haudek

IP Group

Exhibition from 17nth of April till 17nth of May

@Kulturraum LOKOMOV #Fensterkunst

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Funded by Kreativ-Transfer, from resources of the Ministry of Arts and Media.

Transport funded by Kühne + Nagel (AG & Co.) KG Limbach-Oberfrohna.