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O U T  O F  T H E  B O X  2 0 2 2


Puurs / Belgrad

Exhibition from 16th of July till 27th of August 2022 @Galerie HINTEN

Opening: July 16th 7pm

open Friday – Saturday 6pm – 11pm | Sunday 3pm – 8pm

The Project

The Euro pallet, a European standardized size, becomes a carrier of the unconventional: contemporary art from opposite regions of Europe.


We send two Euro-Boxes to curator:ing and OFF-Spaces in Eastern and Western Europe, where they are loaded with artistic positions.

After the return of the filled boxes, we curate the received works into a joint exhibition in our exhibition spaces. The theme of this artistic exchange is the gallery backroom. We would like to open a space for backroom conversations of European curators to find out, which perspectives and experiences reach us on this topic and which associations are awakened by the exhibition in our spaces.


Events such as art unboxing, digital artist talks and a gallery opening featuring a double robot complete the pan-European art dialogue.  

Photocredit: Natalie Bleyl

The partners

In 2022, we are cooperating with the curator Filip Luyckx (former Sint Lukasgalerie, Brussels) and curator Ljudmila Stratimirović (Grad - European centre for culture and debate, Belgrade). 


Ljudmila Stratimirović is a trained artist and designer, as well as the initiator and artistic director of the festival Art Weekend Belgrade. Currently, she works as a curator and head of the Visual Arts Department at Grad Center. The cultural center organizes various events with a focus on cultural participation and international artistic mobility. 


Filip Luyckx curates exhibitions in various galleries in Belgium. From 1994, he was curator at the Sint Lukas Gallery, which was dedicated to the mediation of contemporary artistic research and international networking, as well as the promotion of young artists.  

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Screenshot 2022-06-29 at 15.19.52.png

This project is funded by Stiftung Kunstfonds in the NEUSTART Kultur program of the Federal Commissioner for Culture and Media. 

With friendly support by euro.Courier Chemnitz. 

O U T  O F  T H E  B O X  2 0 2 1


Wroclaw / Euregio Maas-Rhein

Exhibition from April 17nth till May 26th 2021

@Kulturraum LOKOMOV #Fensterkunst

The Partners

For our first exhibition, we have started a cooperation with the IP Group and the curator Marie Claire Krell. 


IP Group works in the interdisciplinary context between art and theory , performing arts and multimedia works, creative processes and laboratory practices. 

MC Krell is a curator and project initiator in the contemporary arts field. Among others, she was active in the tri-national network very contemporary and various initiatives, works as an artist and realizes educational formats. 

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