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Chaos meeting Chemnitz

#Hacking #Making #FunAmDevice

The Chaostreff Chemnitz (ChCh) is a meeting of technology enthusiasts and creative people. The Chaostreff is closely linked to the Chaos Computer Club (CCC). Since 2011, regular meetings have been held in the hackerspace in the project and studio building at Augustusburger Straße 102.


You can find out more about Chaostreff Chemnitz at
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In the course of the lockdown, the LOKOMOV presented the projects of creative automation by the Chaostreff.



Cocktail bot

The finest mixtures of the Lokomov Bar are stored on the circuit board of the cocktail bot and can be called up at the push of a button. Then a glass moves under the desired bottle and, with gentle pressure on the glass body, the respective delicacy is poured into the glass in the optimal order to the milliliter. Shaking, stirring and the addition of solids such as limes or cucumber slices are externalized by the intelligent machine. The device organizes a handover to the thirsty guest by means of intensive flashing. An open ear is inconspicuously attached to the device for their worries and needs. Conservative people, however, doubt the machine's empathy.

After the successful trial run, only one tomcat was seen by the developer of the device.

Uranine source

No matter how hard, loud or long the evening was: The Lokomov staff always exudes irrepressible freshness the next day. How can that be?

It is due to the radiant water with which all employees wet their faces before each shift. That is obtained from the Gablenzbach (pronounced [ˈɡali̯ən]) which flows directly along the Lokomov cellar. At the time it was piped to operate tram line 5, which runs directly above it. Resourceful engineers of the Chaostreff have succeeded in tapping the buried magical spring and making the precious liquid available directly to the small sworn community around the Lokomov.

In reality, the Uraninwaschbecken is a joint production of the Chaostreff and is not intended for hand washing. It is an old GDR washbasin from the real estate portfolio of a well-known house owner. The 'faucet' is a souvenir of the Braustolz brewery in Chemnitz. Built on a frame and fitted with a fountain pump, it turned into a pretty circuit. Together with the UV LEDs and a little uranine powder, it is a glowing art object.



That is also part of a bar evening: Texts are added.

As part of the automation of the overall experience of a visit to the bar, the engineers have developed a device that appears to make contributions out of nowhere. Now you can decide - join the conversation or just touch on the left ?!

Further information is also available in the write-against-the-machine campaign

Television graphic animation

The best thing about the Lokomov is always the guests.
The hypnotizing counterpart at our tables was previously only tangible in an analogue and physical way. Now a pattern has been developed in the Chaostreff based on the eye movement analysis of couples in love, which massages the brain of the other person just as beautiful, calming, exciting and entertaining as our guests usually do with each other.

You can actually see a graphics generator written in Python here. It runs on a first generation Raspi and its video output goes to this antique television. This was arranged in this living room-like scenario.

The structure should definitely be reminiscent of the home computer era from childhood, be it the KC85 computers from the 80s or the Amigas from the early 90s.

The program code is extremely simple, but complex, versatile structures (e.g. cardioids) are created.

A project by Tim Alder

Office solarium

The office solarium is a technical facility for irradiating the body with cold, flickering neon light. Because now many people spend so much time in the home office that they miss the hours of absence of daylight. Some have had noticeably healthy skin tones since spending less time in the office. In order to achieve office paleness in a natural way, it takes hours of sound with office light, which these days can hardly be achieved.

The office solarium provides a remedy in that an extra-artificial artificial light source, various filters and reflectors as well as a mechanical structure bring office light with an optimal usable area onto the body. For a pleasant stay in the office solarium, music or optionally typing and busy background noises are also played.


This screen shows an enlarged live stream of the Lokomov's inbox - but pixelated for data protection reasons.

From the isolation caused by the pandemic, the creative regular audience describes their magical memories in countless emails in the most dazzling colors and sends us pleading requests in longing anticipation of the reopening of the Lokomov.

In fact, it is an LED matrix made up of WS2801-3 color LEDs. These are embedded in a wooden box and covered with a frosted glass pane. Paper cut with a laser is placed in between to prevent light from entering neighboring cells. The software that controls it runs on a VM in the Chaostreff and was developed by Robert Köpferl. The LED matrix can also be controlled with the well-known gLEDiator software.

Distorting mirror

At night all cats are gray and after the last lap their faces are usually long. A complex algorithm separates the mood of the monochrome monotony, the long days and even longer nights at the Augustusburg intersection. The device uses environmental data and extrapolates a negative of this sadness from it. Or not? Someone approaches to take a look at the latest window exhibition. Someone rushes to the bus and, someone else comes out to smoke. The traffic goes on and so does life.

A project by xnotox

drive indicator

Would you rather enjoy the last beer in a warm place and still catch the train? The chaos travel indicator makes it possible. In real time, this sleek, pocket-sized television shows the departure times of the local public transport of your choice. The special feature: this monitor also monitors the comings and goings of the unofficial vehicles and traffic routes of the CVAG. This turns the trip to the depot into a tangible evening option. Also very practical if you are just lost in the window exhibition and still want to catch the ring bus.

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