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P I H A S A U N A 

"Pihasauna" is the Finnish term for "courtyard sauna" and at the same time the title of the transnational cooperation project between the Chemnitz-baseed cultural project-instigator Klub Solitaer e.V., networker and forum of Finnish culture Finland Institute and the Helsinki Urban Art NGO as initiator of community-based urban cultural actions. 


A Finnish message takes root in the Capital of Culture 2025 - cultural workers and local residents drive away the spring cold with craftsmanship and artistic activism: from May 3rd, we build a traditional Finnish sauna in the neighborhood garden Zietenaugust


The Finnish tradition of going to the sauna offers informal occasions for exchange - about life on the Sonnenberg, saunas in Finland, the best herbs for an infusion or the nicest sauna session experienced. Young and old, craftsmen and gardening enthusiasts, cultural workers and old residents come together to have a sweat with the Finnish guests.


In Finland, the sauna used to be built first, then the house. It is the same here - through cultural work, we create first the sauna and much more in the long run: In the future, the sauna is to become a reference point for Finnish cultural cooperation in the in the context of the Capital of Culture 2025 and a contact point for further projects and collaborations. As Chemnitz' partner city, the World Sauna Capital Tampere is taking sponsorship of the cultural sauna. 

   L E T ' S  H E A T  I T  U P :   


The sauna is up! After the cooperative construction phase, committed people from the city and especially the district heat the sauna on their own responsibility. From now on you can relax with herbal infusion and pine wood.

Entry is free, but those involved are happy to receive donations - both in the form of money and leftover wood for fires to keep the sauna running.

Please bring your own towels and if necessary for the sauna. Bathrobe and slippers with...

Would you like to get involved in the sauna group? Then come by in Zietenaugust. Here you will find information on how you can get involved.

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"Pihasauna - A Finnish Embassy" is a cooperation project of the Finniland Institute, Helsinki Urban Art NGO and Klub Solitaer e.V. Realized with the support of the Finnland Institute, the City of Chemnitz (Partner City Funding) and the Neighborhood Garden Zietenaugust.

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