The residence project DIALOGFELDER was created to rupture the visual and emotional barrier between the Sonnenberg neighbourhood and the main street Zietenstraße by means of selective interventions that provide an opportunity for strolling and spectating.

To this end, we invite experts* to Chemnitz to provide enlightening ideas for further projects in the neighbourhood and to expand existing visions with an outside view. We rely less on explicit expert knowledge than on collective intuition and the creative flair which may transform many once written off places on the southern Sonnenberg. Over a period of 18 weeks, 6 people from various artistic fields will be invited to the Sonnenberg to enliven the public and semi-public space with new ideas. With these creative workers*, we want to establish a temporary point of contact between our solitaires on Zietenstraße, which will change and transform several times during the course of the project.

By creating impressive dialogues on site-specific topics through artistic expression, a dialogue between all parties involved, especially for local actors and residents, as well as for passers-by, is being promoted. Art in public space creates a friction area in urban everyday life. Its special perception by a broad variety of the district's population offers opportunities to present the urban space in a specific way and to act as an activator of urban discussions.



Funded by Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen and Kulturraum Stadt Chemnitz. This project is co-financed from tax-money, as by the agreed upon household of the Sächsische Landtag