The KOMPLEX unites artists, cultural managers and technicians who pursue a common goal: to create a cultural space with an interactive stage and to provide a professional infrastructure with competent support for the performing arts. One of our most important concerns is the promotion of young artists and independent theatre professionals. For an open and experimental venue that brings together contemporary theatre, dance, performance and film, the Sonnenberg serves as the ideal location. In 2015, a former church in the backyard of Zietenstraße 32 has opened its doors for crowds of 80 spectators* per event. The KOMPLEX does not house its own ensemble. The programme consists of co-productions, guest performances, residencies, workshops and art house cinema. There is a close cooperation with Taupunkt e. V., which contributes significantly to the programme. The Klub Solitaer e. V. founded the stage and thus provides the infrastructure and plans individual programme points. In cooperation with various initiatives that support the performing arts, we also want to enable interested citizens to participate in and contribute to the programme. At the KOMPLEX, we work not only for, but also with the audience.



Funded by Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen and Kulturraum Stadt Chemnitz. This project is co-financed from tax-money, as by the agreed upon household of the Sächsische Landtag