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Founded in 2010, Klub Solitaer e. V. has launched numerous cultural projects. The club runs all cultural activities in the Gallery HINTEN , the LOKOMOV Cultural Space and in the exhibition area Window for Photography . The association also participates in the organization and implementation of projects in the OFF-Theatre KOMPLEX. Furthermore, the club has launched the project DIALOGFELDER, which uses artistic interventions in the public and semi-public space, thus contributing to the positive cultural development of the Sonnenberg district. The Klub Solitaer e. V. annually develops a two-week series of events on a topic with socio-political and local urban relevance. 

In addition, the Klub Solitaer e. V. provides premises for the production of contemporary art and culture on the southern Sonnenberg through the establishment of the project and studio houses A102 and J42 .

Klub Solitaer e.V. would not be able to work as it does without the voluntary commitment of many people and their combined forces. Therefore we are always looking for people interested in arts and culture who would like to contribute ideas and energy to our projects. If you would like to volunteer at Klub Solitaer e.V. please contact us via:

If you want to watch us and our activities grow from year to year, feel free to have a look at our annual reports, beginning in 2019: 

Annual Report 2019    DE | EN

Annual Report 2020    DE | EN

You can find all details regarding the association, its spaces and projects in this publication.  

Background information on membership, structures and objectives can be found in our statute
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