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Subject: Funding cancellations LAP

Dear Ms Ludwig,

After the events of August last year, they publicly demanded civil society commitment from Chemnitz. A number of institutions and associations have now reacted and, among other things, submitted an application to LAP in order to be able to implement projects with a broad impact for democracy and tolerance.
Projects with a total volume of €750,000 were applied for. However, only €380,000 is available. This does NOT include the invaluable voluntary work that is added by the people/associations during implementation and third-party funds and sponsorship funds.
A number of projects have now been rejected because the funds are not sufficient.

If you are serious about your call for action from the public and you care about our city and its future, you should ensure that all of these submitted projects can be implemented. Where is the problem of increasing this pot or providing other funds when the offer of help from the population is so great? I think the motto here is "where there's a will, there's a way".

This has worked very well for a number of other things (e.g. stadium) in the past.
All municipal pots (general cultural funding, KHS micro-projects, youth fund, ...) are hopelessly overflowing. However, culture is necessary to lead this city into a positive future.

I urge you to act quickly and ensure that people who want to help get this city back on its feet and get involved have city support to do so. You are certainly aware that such projects also cost money. Experts cost money, material, public relations work, rent etc. have to be paid. It is an investment in the future of our city that is worthwhile.

From a city that wants to adorn itself with the title of Capital of Culture in 2025 and that has adopted a far-sighted cultural strategy, I expected prudent action and respect for people who have been committed to cultural diversity and the common good for years and who are therefore involved in democracy work on a daily basis Afford. Even the city council's rejection of the city council's application for an increase in cultural funds was a slap in the face to those working in the arts.
One of the Capital of Culture posters now  propagates: FIGHTING IS WORTH IT. Unfortunately, there are victims and losses in every fight, you should be aware of that. You can help decide on which side they are and whose powers are stolen in a tough fight through pointless and lengthy side scenes. And they can help decide how many cultural workers will leave this city in the future because they no longer see any prospects here.

Kind regards,
mandy bud

Board of Directors Club Solitaer e. V

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