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With its various off-spaces, including studio and residence buildings (A102, J42), event location ( LOKOMOV ), exhibition areas ( Rear Gallery , graphic gallery Druckstock ), stage for performing arts ( Complex ) and artistic interventions in urban space ( Dialog Boxes ). the Club Solitaer e. V. offers a wide range of art, culture and participation. We would be happy if you would like to enrich our program with your support, because we are always looking for people interested in culture who want to volunteer in the association.

In addition to admission, technical support and hosting at the events, as well as varied logistical and organizational work in front of and behind the scenes of the named spaces, we offer voluntary helpers the integration into a creative environment and the opportunity to grow into our programs or actively use them to help shape Would you like to get involved and support us as part of an internship , for example, or in the longer term during an FSJ culture or federal voluntary service (BUFDI) ? Then get in touch with us! We would also be happy to welcome you as a member of the association.


What options do we offer you?









      Praktikum / Ehrenamt

  • 5 to 10 hours per week
    with contractual confirmation


  • Support and assistance with events of all kinds, relating to concerts, readings, plays, exhibitions and much more. 


  • Contact to local to international artists, employees, musicians, in short, the entire club family


  • Accompaniment of appointments, participation in planning meetings, networking within the scene

  • relatively flexible timing


  • Insight into different forms of independent cultural institutions


  • free access to events


  • Club membership included
    + Pre-invitation to events


  • internship certificate


  • Honor through recurring deference ;-) 

      FSJ Kultur / BUFDI


  • Full time, 40 hours per week
    with employment contract


  • Insight and collaboration in the areas of event management, public relations/marketing, fundraising through to organization and coordination


  • solid integration and involvement in a diverse, interdisciplinary, pro-active and international team

  • Accompaniment of internal and external appointments in the field of cultural policy, networking, co-working but also perception of further training measures at home and abroad


  • If suitable:
    Independent planning and realization of events = freedom for self-realization

  • fixed working hours


  • Gathering sound theoretical and practical experience


  • Recognition, for example, within the framework of a university practical module


  • Developing contacts in the public-private sector


  • Job reference +  feedback interview


  • timeless thanks in word, writing or even public expression ;-)

Everyone is welcome* and of course, as part of our community, you will not miss any of our happenings, events or activities.

Once you're part of the "club family", you won't want to be without it. Promised! N / A? Interested or motivated? Do you already have a specific area in mind? Then get in touch with us via with the subject “ Commitment ”.

Your contact person is Robert Verch.

We are happy!
Your team from Klub Solitaer eV

*Excluded from this are people who make or practice homophobic, racist, anti-Semitic, misogynistic or any other form of contemptuous or discriminatory statements and potentiate them!

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