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L O K O M O V    A D V E N T   M A R K E T 

The cold season is coming up and we want to greet it with you - on the first advent weekend, the neighborhood meets for warm beverages and live music at LOKOMOV, savoring cultural and culinary treats. The program spans a broad range of workshops, booths and artistic interventions, including a Christmas Card Printing Workshop, Christmas Theatre , neighborhood garden tours and a small poetry slam. Celebrating the winter mood, we invite you to come together in and around LOKOMOV to chat, listen and participate.

Updates concerning this event can be found on Facebook and Instagram

The event is realized in accordance with the 2G rule. 


Saturday 27th of November

Ceramics | Postcards | DJ:anes and Bands | Performance and Singalong | Bar and Culinary Treats

Sunday 28th of November

Printing Workshop | Crown Cap Craft Workshop | Workshop with Chaos Treff Chemnitz| Garden Tours with Bethlehemtea | Poetry Slam | Christmas Theater | Ceramics| Illustrations | Gingerbread | Concert | Bar and Culinary Treats

Funded by the Programm Cultursommer 2021 on behalf of the Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien (BKM) with funds from NEUSTART KULTUR as well as by Kulturbetrieb der Stadt Chemnitz (TBC). 

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